How the menstrual pills work and birth control pills to...

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How the menstrual pills work and birth control pills to...

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menstrual delay pills And how do birth control pills postpone menstruation?

Planning to go to the beach with girlfriends? But the menstruation came during that time, making the girls need to postpone their periods by using menstrual delay pills But for people who are already taking birth control pills. You may also be able to use birth control pills to postpone your period. Today, there is information for girls who want to postpone their menstruation. On a special occasion In order to carry out the activities smoothly, let's be happy.

What is a menstrual pill?
Menstrual delay pills are pills Norethisterone 5 mg (Norethisterone 5 mg) is a hormone progesterone. A synthetic type of progesterone called progestin. will stop the normal growth of the uterine wall during the menstrual period and alter the signaling of hormones in the uterus to restore normal menstrual cycle It is used in the following cases:

- Used to postpone menstruation
- Used to prevent abnormal uterine bleeding.
- It is used to relieve symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS pre-menstrual syndrome), such as chest pain, headaches, migraines, congestion, and irritable mood swings.
- Pain or heavy menstruation
- Endometrial hyperplasia
- some types of breast cancer

How to take pills to delay menstruation
in case of need postponed period Take noretisterone 5 mg three days before the desired period, and continue until the day you wish to postpone your period. When you stop taking noretisterone You will have your period in a few days. If you weigh less than 60 kg, take 1 noretisterone tablet twice daily, and if you weigh more than 60 kg, take 1 tablet of noretisterone 5 mg. 3 times a day

side effects from taking medication
You should inform your doctor thoroughly if you have any underlying disease. or have a history of drug allergy and if you have the following symptoms You should consult your doctor or pharmacist immediately.

- Dizziness and vomiting
- have a headache
- mood swings
- have trouble sleeping
- Weight gain or weight loss
- stuffed breast
- Changes in sexual interest

who should not use menstrual delay pills
not recommended for childhood and teenagers taking pills to delay menstruation including those who are allergic to noretisterone or any of the ingredients in norethisterone and those with the following symptoms

- women who are pregnant or is likely to become pregnant
- Problems with the circulatory system
-Blood clot symptoms such as chest pain, shortness of breath, or coughing
- Diabetes that damages blood vessels
- Yellowing of the skin due to idiopathic jaundice of pregnancy
- Itching all over the body due to pruritus of pregnancy

Using birth control pills to postpone menstruation
In addition to the use of noretisterone to postpone the monthly If you are taking the 21- and 28-pack of the combined hormonal contraceptive pill, you may be able to use it to: Monthly postponement can be done in the following ways:

Combined hormonal contraceptive pills, 21 tablets per pack.
Usually you have to finish the pack and stop taking it for 7 days before starting a new pack. After stopping taking birth control pills for about 1-3 days, menstruation will occur. But if you want to postpone the monthly Start a new pack of birth control pills without stopping for 7 days.

Combined hormonal contraceptive pills, 24 pills per pack.
The 24 pill pack contains 24 pills and 4 powder tablets. The powder tablets are clearly different in color and size from the oral contraceptive pill. If you want to take birth control pills to postpone your period. Start taking a new pack of birth control pills. without having to eat 4 tablets of starch

Combined hormonal contraceptive pills, 28 tablets per pack.
The 28 pill pack contains 21 pills and 7 powder pills. The pills are clearly different in color and size than the pills. If you want to take birth control pills to postponed period Start taking a new pack of birth control pills. without having to eat 7 tablets of starch

Why do birth control pills postpone menstruation?
Birth control pills are designed to mimic natural menstrual cycles. Each pack of 28 hormonal contraceptive pills contains 28 pills, but only 21 contain hormones to prevent pregnancy, and the remaining 7 have no effect. Also known as 'Powder'.

Bleeding that occurs during the week you take birth control pills is called withdrawal bleeding, which is your body's response to stopping hormones. If you skip the 7 powder pills and start a new pack right away. You will not have menstrual bleeding.

Menstrual-like bleeding that occurs when you take the granules. Unlike normal menstruation and is a bleeding that is not necessary for the body So you can take birth control pills to Can postpone monthly

Side effects from taking birth control pills to postpone menstruation
a lot of bleeding (Breakthrough bleeding) or intermittent bleeding during menstruation. This is a common symptom when you take birth control pills to postponed period especially during the first month Normal bleeding tends to be gradual. decrease over time when your body adapts Also, postponing your period can make it difficult to tell if you're pregnant or not. If you have morning sickness, stuffy breasts, or feel unusually tired Should seek advice from a medical professional immediately.

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